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September 2, 2013

Think About It: Sea The Light

Much like we share the roads with one another- drivers, walkers, bikers- we also share the oceans with others. Sea denizens that have called the ocean home for millions of years are constantly besieged by human intrusion, and sometimes unfortunate things happen, whether it's a badly wounded sea turtle or a tragic tale of shark bites.

Perhaps we should do a better job of posting signs around beaches to warn or at least caution people about times and areas to be wary about when it comes to shark sightings. We have heard of the murky waters post-storm and the dusk and dawn situations which seem to increase the likelihood of shark activity near the shore. Standardized postings at run off sites and on popular beaches that detail enhanced probabilities of shark activity might preclude unfortunate incidents from time to time. Some have suggested that simply having more people in the water with higher tourism numbers might be a reason for recent attacks. Frankly, I don't think sharks read statistics or note a mere 7% more people in their territory, otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean.

Whether it's the endangered sea turtle swimming around, doing his thing and then getting snagged or any other species out in the water, the ocean is their home, and we enter as guests… or intruders. In Alaska, they remind you that the tree-filled forest is a wonderful place for a sightseeing adventure and keep in mind that the bears call it home. We are a very territorial species when it comes to our own privacy and our personal space, so it is important to remember that when we enter into other's realms, be they human or animal, we run the risks of confrontation and possible injury, and we should plan and act accordingly. Think about it….

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