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October 2, 2013

What's Cooking Hawaii Season 2 Episode 1

Braised/Seared Abalone with sautéed island vegetables and Asian pesto

Yield: 24 portions


24 ea. Abalone, fresh (1 ea. = 1 portion)    
     deconstructed Asian pesto (0.5 tsp. = 1 Portion)of each    
0.25 C Entrail Dressing            
0.25 C Scallion oil            
2 ea. Sweet Corn on the cob (1 tsp. = 1 Portion)        
2 oz. Brown Shimeji (0.08 oz. = 1 Portion)        
0.25 C Ali'I mushroom, small dice  (0.5 tsp = 1 Portion)        
24 ea. Red Currant tomato, whole (1 ea. quartered = 1 Portion)    
As needed Clarified butter            
TT Salt            
TT Black pepper            
2.25 C Poke seasoned couscous (1.5 Tbsp. = 1 Portion)    
24 Pc. Sea asparagus (1pc. = 1Portion)    
6 Tbsp. Red Tobiko (0.25 tsp. = 1 Portion)          
1. Shuck and clean abalone and score (save entrails), boil the shells and then strain. (Save the liquid)
Pour the liquid back into the pot and add tsuyu and abalone.  Braise on very low heat for 1.5 hours.
2. Remove corn from cob, halve tomatoes, trim mushrooms.
3. Heat oil and butter in a pan and saute mushrooms and corn, when cooked,
4.add tomatoes and just slightly blister.  Season vegetables. .
5. Remove abalone from braising liquid when tender and sear.
6. For plate up, place couscous in a mound on plate, place vegetables in a smaller mound in front of the
couscous. The shell leans on the couscous and the abalone leans on the vegetables and couscous in front
of the shell.  The abalone is garnished with red tobiko and sea asparagus.  Both sauces are plated in front

of the abalone.


Kona Cold Lobster Chawan Mushi

Yield: Approx. 4 portions (8 oz. of egg, dashi mixture)

1 C Ichiban dashi            
2 ea. Large Eggs, whole            
2 Tbsp. Mirin            
  Lobster claw meat, chopped (par cooked)        
    Sweet Corn kernels            
    Lobster and chive ankake (recipe to follow)    
    Eryngi mushroom, saute (1 ea. = 1 portion)        
    Lobster tail, medalion (1 ea. = 1 portion)      
As needed Truffle oil            
Lobster Broth
2 ea. Lobster heads and shells            
1 ea. Onion, rough chop            
2 ea. Carrot, rough chop            
6 ea. Celery stalk, rough chop            
0.25 C Tomato paste            
1 ea. Bay leaf            
Pinch Saffron threads            
2 qt. Water            
TT Tsuyu            
Lobster Broth Ankake
    Lobster broth            
    Cornstarch or potato starch slurry        
    Chives, chop            
1.  Comine the first 3 ingredients, mix well, then strain through a china cap.  Pour 2 oz. portions in a
ramekin, then add corn and lobster claw meat.
2. Place in a sauce pan with water and cover, cook till slightly giggles and not runny. (Approx. 5-6 min)
3. Saute mushrooms.  Pour a thin layer of the ankake.
4.  Place the sauteed Eryngi mushroom in the center and a piece of lobster meat on top of it. 
5.  Place a drop of truffle oil.

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