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Ocotber 30, 2013

What's Cooking Hawaii Season 2 Episode 5

Okinawan Style Goya Gomae

(bittermelon in sesame seed dressing)

Yield: 4 portions



3 strips bacon thick or thin sliced into ½" strips

2pcs bittermelon sliced thinly or thick sliced that have been pre blanched

2T toasted sesame seeds

1tsp sugar

3T dashi

1tsp shoyu

1)   In a "tsuribachi" or Japanese style ribbed mortar and pestle, place the sesame seeds and grind for 1 minute

2)   Add in the dashi, shoyu, and sugar and continue to grind for another minute, then set aside

3)   Heat a medium sized sauté pan on med and add in the bacon strips and sauté to render the fat, turn the heat to high

4)   Add in the bittermelon and continue to sauté for 1 minute just until the goya gets a little singed

5)   Drain the excess oil from the pan and place the bacon and bittermelon mixture into the sesame dressing and toss well

6)   You can eat it as is or chill it and serve it cold


Big Island Abalone and Opihi Poke Tower with Ho Farm Tomato Relish

Yield: 1 portion



5 thin slices Watermelon radish cut in half

3pcs Ho Farm Red Currant Tomato sliced in half

3pcs Ho Farm Kahuku Gold Tomato sliced in half

¼ cup Ho Farm Cucumber brunoise(1/8" by 1/8" by 1/8" dice)

1pc chiso leaf shredded

1T minced sweet onion

Pinch of salt

1pc Abalone diced

5pcs opihi

¼ cup red algae or ogo

1tsp fresh grated wasabi or prepared kizami wasabi(Japanese prepared wasabi leaves and stems)

1tsp shoyu

2 thin sliced myoga(Japanese Ginger Bud) for garnish

1)   Arrange the radish slices into a ring and set aside

2)   Combine the sliced tomatoes, cucumber, chiso, and sweet onion in a small bowl and toss well, season with salt and toss again and place on the bottom of the radish ring

3)   Combine the abalone, opihi, algae, wasabi, and shoyu in a bowl and toss well

4)   Top the tomato relish with the abalone and opihi mixture and garnish with the myoga slices



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