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November 4, 2013

Think About It: Chicken Fee(d)

If you ever wondered what services get cut when the funds simply aren't there, we received another reminder last week, when the city of Honolulu announced it will no longer be sending out chicken patrols to round up rowdy roosters that wreak havoc in some neighborhoods. The current contract for rooster eradication ended a month ago. 

Apparently, the cost of the contract for controlling the crowers is $80,000 a year, and that's not chicken feed when you're looking at budgetary shortfalls and cost-cutting. Since the city previously announced that it will not be going after unfriendly and wild dogs, perhaps we could hire the dogs to help control the noisy roosters and chickens; after all, they're gonna be roaming the suburbs and woods anyway. Surely this is no laughing matter, as anyone who's been sleep-deprived due to obnoxious crowing can attest, but it is just one more example of the reality that when government funds are not there, soon thereafter services are not there.

This change means patrolling police officers, already forced to deal with unruly dogs, and I mean the four-legged variety, will also have to deal with rooster complaints- and there are quite a few. And if roosters are captured and don't have cash on them, can they pay their bail by saying, "that's OK, just put it on my bill"? And if a rooster opts to play chicken with a patrolling police office, will he taunt him with cries of "cop a doodle-doo"? Vagrant dogs and noisy roosters are no laughing matter, but they will become a bigger matter due to apparent budget constraints in Honolulu. Why did the chicken cross the road on Oahu? Because no one was there to stop him... Think about it…

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