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December 19, 2013

Think About It: Movie Twists

‘Tis the season for frivolity, mirth, and frankincense, so let's have some fun and take today's top movie titles and apply them to possible political plotlines for our nation's capital and beyond. GRAVITY- the story of legislators coming back to earth only to realize that they've alienated not only their voting constituents, but also many aliens. NEBRASKA- the true story of the only state in the union with a unicameral state legislature. Amazingly in this one house system, things get accomplished quickly, money is saved, and everyone lives happily ever after.

DELIVERY MAN- the sad tale of the lone elected representative in Washington, D.C., who tries to use logic and compromise to get things done, to deliver what he promised in his campaign pledges while realizing that no one goes undefeated in political battles. This one doesn't end so happily. THE HOBBIT- a tale of little people running around in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of elusive goals of self-preservation with lots of scary things getting in the way. In the end, we are strung along to fork ever even more money for yet another movie to unfold in this pursuit of treasure which the small people claim to be rightfully theirs. FROZEN- a tale of goofy, animated characters in Congress on a quest for greatness, of course, and forced to deal with icy conditions and unyielding opponents.

DALLAS BUYERS CLUB- the story of a small band of patriotic Texans who see the universe ending in front of them. In their quest to show their loyal patriotism to our nation, they attempt to break off and secede from the union by buying out the government. By the movie's conclusion, we wish them the best in this effort.  And finally, THE BOOK THIEF- the story of a brave band of political dimwits who attempt to destroy all scientific fact books and replace historical standards with their own views of reality. Of course, all of these pseudo-movies plots are pure fiction; I think. Think about it…

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