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January 20, 2014

Think About It: Candid Camera Chat

I attended the Beach Boys concert a week back, and it was fantastic. Over two hours of good time music, 50-years of memories, and the crowd loved it. Well, except for the fact that I had some moron in front of me who decided that this concert was to be his Steven Spielberg moment, as he opted to hold up his cell phone camera during every single song. Not only was this rude and unpleasant as we tried to watch through his arms and phone, it was futile, as the video on his bouncing device stunk and, God only knows, as the Beach Boys sang, how bad the audio will be when he replays it. He even thought it was cool to shoot video of the big screens on the side of the stage.

Yes, cell phone junkies, many of us find your ridiculous use of cameras to be offensive, especially when you choose to record 30-seconds or more of every song for your oh-so-vibrant Facebook page. How cool are you? Not very; I won't befriend you. We have a certain sense of decorum locally- we expect people to be polite, humble, and thoughtful. People don't honk horns much here. People wave pedestrians and other cars through intersections. But  apparently we've thrown civility in the dumpster in our never-ending quest to stay informed, in touch, and involved via cell phone usage while walking, eating, and driving, and by the obnoxious overuse of cell phone cameras at every social or public function.

So if I happen to spill a drink on your phone camera in the future, relax. I'm just being as self-indulgent as you are as I flail my arms and rock on in my own little world. If I honk because you don't move for over ten seconds when the light changes and you're babbling away about what she thought that you thought about what he thought, just relax, I'm just in my own little world like you. Think about it…

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