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February 24, 2014

Think About It: Stereotyping Stupidity

I can't stand stereotyping. It is an unfortunate local pastime to make grandiose statements about certain groups or individuals based on where they went to school or what their ethnicity, hair color, home address, or religion is. Stupid. I guess you could say I'm intolerant of intolerance. I guess we should reflect more on the person making the stereotype statements than we should on the person he or she is talking about.

I won't get into the endless array of stupid, antiquated, or incorrect stereotyping that goes on, but perhaps it's time for the next generation of up and comers in Hawaii to say- enough. Let's let these silly terms that apply to large swaths of people die out with the older generations, and we'll be the first generation in Hawaii to deeply treat people as actual individuals- be they good or bad, cheap or giving, dumb or smart, windward or town, or whatever other polar opposites you sometimes hear ascribed to an individual locally. Ignorance and shallow thinking are taught over the eons, just like many other social norms that we live with here and elsewhere. Let's cancel the lesson.

For while our relative tolerance for people of all ilk in Hawaii is possibly a social template for a lot of other places, you still hear tired, targeted, condescending stereotyping that conveniently fits into someone's story, as if they really have studied sociology and endemic traits.  Let's end the uncritical judgments and oversimplified opinions, Hawaii. Treat everyone on their own terms. And if you've been sitting there listening to this and looking at me as just another dumb, mainland ha- - , well… then I sadly rest my case. Think about it…

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