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March 10, 2014

Think About It: Fan-demonium

Some moron ran on the court in the middle of a heated moment at the UH basketball game at Santa Barbara last Thursday. Luckily, a couple of UH players pushed the student backward and he left the court before things got really ugly as he got near to UH Coach Gib Arnold. Hopefully, he will face the full force of the law within the UCSB system and without, and perhaps he will get thrown out of his glee club. But seeing this milk dud quickly and easily gain access to the court reminded me that we have our own share of fans here who, from time to time push things a little too far in their supposed zeal to support the home team.

We had the recent incident when guests from a visiting mainland team caused a ruckus in the stands at a wahine basketball game, and it ended up costing the UH athletics director three broken lumbars and internal bleeding. Many of us have had the misfortune to see over-lathered pinheads at UH football games whose over-the-top comments and actions are not ripe for prime time, and the hope is that these testosterone spikes don't cause an incident here like we just saw at UCSB. A recent Oklahoma State men's basketball game saw a player shove an ardent fan who uttered something rude when the player crashed into the seats, which almost sparked a melee.

If you can't go to an event with a modicum of decorum and understanding that yes, we know it's your team, but it is a game, then stay home. Games played by college kids, high schoolers, pee wees, or pros don't allow you the right to get overly involved, amped up, and take out the frustrations of your entire life from embryo inception to today on opposing players, coaches or fans. So to the supporters of local football, basketball, volleyball, etc., please, do get excited, get animated, but keep it under control, or stay home, reassess your life, and punch a pillow or your own ego. Mahalo; think about it.

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