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April 7, 2014

Think About It: Drinking and Thriving

Whether it's defined as alcoholism or problem drinking, the number of people directly and indirectly affected by this very legal lifestyle choice is startling.  The Center for Disease Control contends that there are approximately 88,000 deaths annually in this country that can be directly correlated to excessive alcohol usage. 88,000 lives lost annually with economic costs estimated at more than $250-billion a year. Long-term impacts can be devastating for over-indulging drinkers and those around them on the physical, mental, and economic fronts, too.

For men, drinking more than two drinks a day can be excessive. For women, it's one drink. We all know people who like to indulge, and perhaps over-indulge, just about every day. Our lifestyle, warm weather, and friendliness perhaps encourages drinking. Handled responsibly, it's not a problem. But for those who are genetically-inclined or have other problems, the issue of over-drinking is a serious one and the fact that 88,000 people died last year due to alcohol abuse is a startling figure.

You can't control other people's lives, but you can be empathetic and aware- especially if it's you that needs to deal with your own drinking issue. Oh, and cigarette smoking is responsible for a half-million deaths in this country annually. I wonder how many local smokers and drinkers have problems with attempts to legalize the non-toxic drug known as marijuana? I'm not taking a position on that one, but the fact is that we're all paying for abuse of alcohol and the use of tobacco. And it's a complete waste of people and a drain on resources. Think about it…

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