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April 21, 2014

Think About It: Planet Kepler-186f

Scientists have found and validated an apparent twin of the planet Earth through telescopes on Mauna Kea. The fact that this planet is 500 light years, or three quadrillion miles away, might make some skeptical. How you can validate something of this scope is mind-boggling. But I prefer to be positive and thus have dug deeper into this new phenomenon. I always love when scientists inform us that these far off orbs are capable of supporting water or perhaps life forms. After all, if it wasn't for information like that, it would be hard to watch "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" without being a bit cynical. Maybe there is someone out there, and they're simply not that interested in finding us. Or maybe they've been watching and aren't that impressed with how far we've supposedly come. 

I decided to use my own internal telescope to look at this new planet and here's what I found. The new planet has water, and everyone shares this abundant life source. The inhabitants take great pains on this planet to avoid ruining this very essence of life- yes, they're very ecologically minded. The people on this planet are a pleasant sort- everyone just seems to get along. As they tolerate and even celebrate differences among one another, they see no logical or even emotional reason to destroy one another.

And due to the fact that education is both fact-based objective and mandatory, ignorance barely exists, and luckily those scared, small-minded folk live in the outback and caves, away from the general populous, happy in their ignorance, but surely non-threatening. If you get a chance someday to visit the newly-discovered Kepler-186f, as it's called, be prepared for a rude awakening. I certainly was. If nothing else, it's just nice to finally know there's someone out there… and they get it. Think about it…

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