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May 8, 2014

Think About It: Beyond and Behind The Words…

Sometimes you have to go beyond the words to really see what's going on. Here are a few recent examples. A University of Hawaii coach "welcomes" the NCAA and its on-going, growing investigation of his program. Sorry, nobody welcomes the NCAA any more than they welcome the IRS or the Feds checking their books. A simple phone call is about as comfortable as most people want to get with these entities.

UH-Manoa and other 54 universities nationwide are being investigated to see how they handle sexual assault and harassment complaints, and a Manoa official said this is simply a "compliance audit, not triggered by a complaint", but he also added, "We anticipate a forward-thinking resolution with the Office of Civil Rights". Normally, the word "resolution" means something is amiss and needs to be straightened out. And the term "forward-thinking" from Manoa hierarchy these days might strike some as being an oxymoron at best. Some of us believe this same group sure botched the new UH athletics broadcast contract in a supposedly "forward-thinking" mode. But that debacle seems to have just drifted away amid more pressing athletics concerns.

And then there's the conflict of interest concern about a state representative pushing for a $100,000 grant for a pet project of hers concerning a leeward side cemetery in disrepair which apparently neglected to pay taxes for three straight years, not a real good sign of organizational accountability. The local rep said she hopes the "hoopla about this nonprofit doesn't deter the release of money". Well, perhaps the hoopla indicates some issues need to be un-hoopla-ed before the matter can be resolved with a big, fat state check. Yes, when looking at local stories, one often needs to go beyond the spin, because we all know that too much spinning makes you nauseas. Think about it…. 

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