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June 12, 2014

Think About It: Sign Off

It's that time again, that time of year when distracted driving can get the better of you. No, I'm not talking about the incessant usage of cell phones for gabbing or texting, and no, I'm not talking about digging into a bag for more fries while maneuvering on roads under construction or reading the latest Steven King novel while traffic inches along. 

I'm talking about that local, age-old distraction of political sign waving. Most sign wavers are loyal and dedicated followers or family members, but they are surely not professionals, for there are no pros in this business. Leaning out into the road, waving the signs back and forth- all to grab my attention. What if those same people dropped off a biodegradable pamphlet to my house to let me know what their candidate stood for? What if those people came out to a holiday picnic or AYSO sign-up date and met people, helping to spread the word about what their candidate of choice stands for and how their candidate is going to help us move forward?

Name familiarity sadly and often trumps detailed knowledge when people go to the polls. But the effort to ingrain your name while I'm driving is neither sane nor safe. Oh yeh, that candidate's followers wore nice yellow shirts, smiled, yelled, and showed me the shaka sign- that's my guy! How about we take this old habit off the roads and try to come up with a better way to convince voters that you should be their representatives. We know you care; we see you standing in the rain at 6:45am; we see you pointing and waving. But I'd like to think most people here will vote for the person who they believe will make a difference and get things done, not the person with the most school spirit waving as I whiz by at 40 MPH. Thanks; maybe now I can get back to eating, reading, and texting on the road while I change tunes on my iPod. Think about it…

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