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June 26, 2014

Think About It: Hokule’a’s Hopes

While the exploits of Michelle Wie, Jack Johnson, and Bruno Mars have given Hawaii a bit of worldwide exposure for years, the real stars representing Hawaii today are folks who actually use the stars to make a statement. I'm talking about the Hokule'a, its sister vessel Hikianalia, and the worldwide tour the canoes are on. What a wonderful way to spread to distant corners of the globe a cultural awareness of our islands and its native sons and daughters. What tremendous ambassadors, made up of a mixed crew of veteran sailors and rookie stargazers.

Next year, for the first time, Hokule'a and company will leave the familiar waters of the Pacific as it circumnavigates high seas and territories quiet foreign on its Malama Honua ("Care for the earth") trek. This three-year trek will include stops at 85 ports in 25 countries with plans to travel over 47,000 nautical miles. And with celebrations, press coverage, and curiosity abroad should come education, respect, and perhaps a better understanding of what gives Hawaii and its people such a distinct and special appeal worldwide. The sailing vessels of the Polynesian Voyaging Society are the gifts that just keep on giving, as they touch people in lands far, far away, learning and teaching as they go.

After completing a trip in the year 2000, renown navigator Nainoa Thompson reflected on the first 25-years of Hokule'a voyages when he said: "We hope that this voyage inspires us and creates opportunities for us to be a community that's defined not by geographical or racial issues, but by the values which make it special." Now, 14-years later, that reverent sailing community and its values will again be shared with millions live and through media coverage, and for that we say "mahalo" and good luck the rest of the way. Thompson's on-board ohana's efforts are a microcosm of everything good that Hawaii can be and can share with the rest of the world, teaching and yet learning at the same time.  Think about it…

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