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July 31, 2014

Think About It: Waste Water Wing Nuts

Some wing nut stuffed debris into a sewer last week on Ahe Street in Palolo, causing more than 100,000 gallons of raw sewage to run through the streams and into the ocean area around Ala Moana Park. This person or persons deserve no air time to add to their warped sense of accomplishment, but what made this story even more astounding is that, according to the supervisor for the state's health department monitoring system, this type of incident happens  "several times a year", and in some places it happens more often than in other places.

What type of sub-human looks up the skies and says, "oh good, the rains are coming, I can stop up the sewer system with clothes and other effluent to cause a mess". Actually, the masterminds behind this juvenile vandalism would never say "effluent", my bad. But really, isn't there someone who can come forward to narc on these numbskulls. Did anyone see someone playing in the rain- with clothes, trash, and parts from tires or engines? And to make matters worse, one theory has it that feral pigs are more rampant than ever in Palolo Valley, which allows even regularly occurring brown water runoff more freedom to funnel through to the ocean after heavy rains.

If that's the case, then it appears we need some action to thin out the four-legged pigs, and we need more savvy rain watchers to help end the reign of the two-legged pigs who continue to get jollies by fouling up our waterways. Just like we need people to keep an eye out for arsonists at this normally dry time of year, neighborhoods need to stay vigilant, sadly, to end all of these stupid human tricks. Think about it… 

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