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September 4, 2014

Think About It - Mobile Mayhem

Yeh, I'm old-fashioned. I still carry cash instead of debiting all over the place. I don't tweet my lunch plans. I don't respond to phone texts within 90-seconds like most people. That's right, says most people respond to a text within 90-seconds. Some other astonishing facts about our new mobile mayhem- 5.1-billion people have a cell phone, but only 4.2-billion own a toothbrush. Perhaps if you got a toothbrush with your cell phone, we'd have less disease and bad breath in this world. 

70% of all mobile searches result in action within an hour, according to Mobile marketer. 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7. How could we have survived for thousands of years without this immediate reaction gene, this electronic appendage? Locally, look around you. People transfixed with their mobile devices, spending time posting pictures of that burger they had for lunch- yes, but it was an amazing burger. People on dates or in so-called social circles, not socializing, and surely not circling, as their heads are far removed from the humans present.

Time Warner lost internet service to its 12-million U.S. internet customers for over an hour last week. Airlines, credit card companies, and banks have been hacked. Target store customers' credit cards were exposed, and obviously governments have been hacked, and hack others. Being connected surely has its upsides. But what are we losing? Can you go cold turkey and not text or use your mobile device for a day, a meal, or even an hour? Can you shut the thing off when you drive- for humanity's sake, not to mention your own safety? Can you engage the person or people you're with for 30-minutes within being distracted by a pocket vibration or the need to see if Justin Bieber got busted yet again? Multi-tasking is a bogus concept- something's gotta give- quality, intent, focus, creativity, detail, accuracy, attention. Take the time to take the time. Turn off your phone and turn on your soul, even for an hour or a weekend or while on a date or at a party. It will all be there in its digital glory when you turn it on again. Think about it...

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