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February 16, 2015

Think About It: Redundancy, Again, at UH

"Groundhog Day"… a Bill Murray/Andie MacDowell movie about a weatherman who keeps reliving the same mundane day over and over, but he's the only one who knows it. Well, that's what it sounded like recently as two instances came up, both quite emotional for some, as the continuing dilemma of insufficient funds plagues both upper campus and the athletics department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The difference between these UH circumstances and the movie- we ALL know it's coming, not just one person cognizant, over and over.

A bill to cut dozens of program degrees at UH-Manoa disappeared after much legislative testimony. After all, just because a program doesn't have a certain number of people majoring in it, and that minimum threshold of graduates needed to ensure continuation remains undefined, well that doesn't mean that lots of other students aren't taking some courses in said major- they're simply not majoring in the subject matter. So the programs remain intact- no slashing of majors- and savings will be found elsewhere, for now… again. 

And the UH Board of Regents indicated that it is not inclined to start slashing sports as the athletics department deficit grows due to underperforming teams, fans, sponsors, legislators, student fees- whatever you like. It's a story we've heard now for about 14-years. 90% of athletic departments in the NCAA Division I lose money annually. Fact. UH is the only school forced to pay $1.2-million in travel stipends to visiting teams. Fact. We need to deal with it, accept it, or change fixable parameters. Raise student fees, move general funds, raise tuition, disappoint students, provide more subsidies from the legislature like other states do, accept a deficit as reality, and/or fix the deal with state-run Aloha Stadium. Or, we can witness "Groundhog Day" as redundant financial issues make news annually at the legislature and at UH without change- which means again and again and again and… think about it…

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