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February 26, 2015

Think About It: Food Follies

Ask your local doctor. Well, maybe not. The latest, greatest guidelines from a government committee on what to eat and drink and what not to eat and drink are being pored over before we get told what to allow into our bodies by the end of the year. As usual, the template we'll be given will provide for some sincere head-scratching. After all, we were told that Vitamin E was vital for years. Whoops, then we're told it not only might not help the things they said it would help prevent, it might be harmful. Tofu, salmon, good, but not too much. Vitamin C supplements- still not proven in most instances to make any difference in what we thought it would make a positive difference for. Kale is the new quinoa, which replaced the Acai berry as the cure du jour.

And now, cholesterol turns out to be way more complicated than just the confusing concept of what's good and bad cholesterol. The advisory committee is backing off of cholesterol restrictions, so eggs and shellfish- now they're really OK. Adding salt, not good, but not as bad as we were previously told. Alcohol- in moderation; it might be better than not drinking at all. Really? This confusion could cause you to drink. Caffeine- a scourge years ago- now it's been found to be helpful in reducing the risks of Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and you can drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day. I can hear and feel the buzz about this one.. literally.  Added sugar- still not good at all. But perhaps a Ho Ho or Twinkie now and then does provide therapeutic mental and spiritual relief.

So in a nutshell, pardon the pun, here's the answer. Broccoli, blueberries, and walnuts- that's it, every day. Wash it down with some coffee or wine, and you'll live an extra 25-days. That is until new guidelines come out next year. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, walk a mile daily, don't smoke- it always sounds simple. But when even the so-called experts change their minds and thus our minds every few years, that absolutely causes stress. And that's not good for you, is it? Think about it…

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