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March 19, 2015

Think About It: March Madness

A few things to ponder as we head into the weekend…

To those who suggest that intercollegiate athletics are not a vital part of a young person's overall development while in college, that they are a money-draining frivolous pursuit, take a look at the performances and comments coming out of the UH men's women's basketball teams and the men's volleyball team. One could argue that some of the lessons they've all learned this year will stay with them far longer than some specifics of the classroom. And by the way, does the chemistry department, no offense, make money? Also, the excitement generated through the performances of this group of scholar-athletes has given a lot of downtrodden UH sports fans a renewed sense of spirit and hope. Nothing wrong with that…

Yes, it got down into the 50s in some places here last week with snow on mountaintops on the Big Island; but that shock couldn't beat the tiny Italian village of Capracotta, which was hit with 100-inches of snow… in just 18-hours. Sounds like a Steven King novel… and it kinda makes Boston and the Eastern zones who were buried for weeks look like no big deal. Invariably, we'll get the picture of the stuck car with its hood up and the driver shivering with hands in pocket, idly standing by it as the tow truck engages- like we've seen on newscasts every winter now for 45-years. Different car, different guy, different day, but same story. Lucky you live Hawaii, again.

And lastly, should there be a law against texting and walking at the same time? Or do we just need to have a few deaths or some fisticuffs on our roadways and sidewalks to wake people up from their insipid self-absorption? Think about it…

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