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March 26, 2015

Think About It: Adding Up A.D. Accountabilities

It might not be the toughest job in the state, but being the Athletics Director at the University of Hawaii surely ranks up there as a regularly strenuous, oft times thankless job, which surely has its perks, but always requires a calm resolve and a positive attitude. When you're dealing with the NCAA, upper campus politics, volunteer regents, paranoid coaches, 19-year old student athletes, non-athlete students, the legislature, media inquisition, sometimes cross-purposed business and sponsor interests, and a rabid but dwindling local fan base that is always expecting wins, well… it's enough to keep you up most nights. If the UH A.D. offers that everything is OK, that he or she is sleeping like a baby, what they really mean is that they awake crying every 30-minutes.

Compound the bouillabaisse constituent base with the fact that you're expected to be in your office early and late, and then you've got to attend night time and weekend events 100 or so days annually, including weekends, all the while showing your support for off campus sports like sailing and golf, and the job can become all-consuming in a short period of time. Nobody wants to just chat when they see you around town, too, they all want to lend their vital two-cents, because, like belly buttons, everyone's got an opinion, especially those interested in UH sports. 

Living on an island with no schools or teams in non-existent adjacent states, and with no pro teams, few pro sporting events, and with no other Division I programs here, UH sports- right or wrong- becomes a huge focus for many local sports enthusiasts, serious and casual, all year long, every year. So as we soon welcome in a new UH AD, the 5th in the last 15-years, here's hoping for wise decision-making, renewed interest from fans and funders, and some peaceful nights and days. Think about it… 

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