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April 23, 2015

Think About It: White’s Right

I went to a concert last week here and an amazing thing happened. Before versatile rocker Jack White came onstage and blew us away, one of his roadies took to the microphone and asked the audience members to put away their mobile devices for a couple of hours. He said that we're all so wedded and welded to portable communication instruments day and night, that we should just enjoy a big event live and in living color. He promised that the group would take all the pictures and videos, post them online for free usage by anyone after the show. It didn't take a "Seven Nation Army", just one guy with a simple plea.

And you know what? It worked. People actually listened. Sure, some narcissists had to say "look at me" and shoot grainy, horrible band footage with bad sound. But most people simply rocked or sat back and enjoyed the moment. Yes, it can be done. Maybe we can make restaurants cell-free zones for our 90-minute adventures with friends and loved ones. Perhaps people can turn their phones off before the lights dim in movie theatres, instead of milking every last second out of their privileged, frantic, self-absorbed lives.

Maybe people can walk down sidewalks and across the streets and actually get somewhere before the urge to fire up that handheld crack-berry comes into play. Maybe people will look each other in the eye when they talk. Maybe sincerity will make a comeback for more than 140 characters. Maybe people can be completely present at meetings and social events. It used to happen that way- way back five years ago! Maybe people's skeletal structures and neck muscles will be saved! If Jack White's peops can get concert-goers to turn off their technology at a Honolulu concert event, can we all do some selfie-evaluation and realize that it's a good thing to be free of phone more often? Think about it…

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