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April 30, 2015

Think About It: FAST Track to Nowhere

There's a great line in the Marx Brothers' classic comedy movie "A Night At The Opera" where Groucho Marx tells Chico Marx about a contract clause that has to do with the sanity of the parties involved in the deal, and Chico laughingly says, "you can't fool me, there ain't no sanity clause." Well, someone must have missed that salient point with the technology debacle that just got whacked as Governor Ige ended the so-called FAST project. FAST was an acronym for "Financial Accounting System Transportation", and was meant to replace an old system in use at the state Highways Division, but there was nothing "fast" about this failed system.

Consultants, proposals, computer updates, system upgrades, software changes, you name it, it's been involved. This process began back in 2008, yes, seven years ago, and was supposed to be in place in 2010, streamlining processes and updated antiquated systems. But here we are in mid-2015 and the project has finally been dumped, millions of dollars later. Contractors failed and consultants who came in after the consultants who followed the first set of consultants have been paid; thus we have no sanity clause in this instance of bad government work.

So rather than throw more bad money after bad the governor, with the help of Senate President Donna Mercado Kim, decided that enough is enough, FAST has failed, and it's time to move on. Just last month, Ige canceled another tech project which goes by the name SURF. Maybe these shelved cleverly-acronymed projects should both be called BAD- big, audacious disasters. Let's hope the governor and his minions find pro-active systems that actually work in an effort to cut down bureaucracy, save money, and minimize wastes of time. Think about it…

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