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May 11, 2015

Think About It: Plane Truth

In yet another example that just about anything you ever wanted to know about anything is available on the internet, true or not, a website called now helpfully informs us what the #1 export is from every state in the union. And while it might be needles as the #1 outgoing product from Minnesota- yes, that's right, medical needles for Canada and Mexico- and lobsters might be #1 from Maine, you might be stunned at what the #1 export from Hawaii is. Our #1 export is not sending locals to Las Vegas nor is it an agricultural product.  

According to, our #1 export is airplane parts. That's right, airplane parts. That eyebrow-raising bit of news might be tempered, in part, by the supposed fact that airplanes themselves are the #1 export of 13 states. As you might surmise, airplanes and their parts are quite expensive, and there is a ready market looking for planes and parts in China, Japan, France, the U.K. and the Middle East. Who knew we had such an excess of parts here?

So the next time you here that a locally-affiliated airline is cutting back on its number of aircrafts here, it is probably not just a reflection of the economic difficulties of making it locally in aviation, but it also reflects the reality that there's a tidy profit to be made by unloading surplus airplanes and parts. Our #1 import? Crude oil, of course. And the volatile price of that commodity sometimes leads to the need to sell gas-guzzling planes. The circle of life. Think about it…

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