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June 29, 2015

Think About It: HOV Blues

The Zipper and HOV- or High Occupancy Vehicle- lanes are be too good to be passed up by far too many solo drivers locally. Every single day as I come in through Red Hill on H-1, I see violators cruising along in the far left lane, and right around the Tripler off ramp I see the motorcycle officers writing up a ticket of up to $200 for these gambling violators. Talk about a tough way to start your day…

And now that summer is upon us, I really ask "why?" I mean, school is out, the middle lane moves along at 45 mile per hour daily once you get past Aloha Stadium, unless people slow down to gawk at people pulled over or trespassers hustle out of the left lane to avoid a ticket, so what's the deal? Is it thrill-seeking? Is it the gambling bug? Again, there is virtually no gain in time in the 100-days when schools are out, so why do we see people pulled over just about every weekday for violating the simple, obvious law? Maybe the fines should be higher. Maybe fake cameras (very cost effective) would scare these Indy 500 cruisers.

Perhaps they feel it's their right to get back at the man- you can't tell me what lane I can or cannot ride in. Oh, I'm only going to do it once, or for a couple of miles. Perhaps they haven't done the simple math to see that they are saving less than a minute in their overall commute time in town. Perhaps they're too busy texting to realize they're in a lane that requires two people or more. And then there's the warped side of it, as we lawful drivers pass the scofflaws getting ticketed on the side and smugly say "good for them". It's summertime, and the livin' is easy, but stay out of the HOV Lane if you're not entitled to be there, yeh? Think about it…

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