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July 27, 2015

Think About It: Sleeping in Paradise

Feeling a bit sleep deprived? Well, under the heading of "misery loves company", you're not alone. Certainly not alone here in Hawaii, as a recent survey conducted by an independent firm says that Hawaii is the 2nd most sleep-deprived state in the country at 6.3-hours nightly, just behind Georgia's 6.1 hours of sleeping nightly; we used to be #1 in the lack-of-sleep poll. According to the sleep and health experts, adults need at least seven hours of sleep nightly, teens need nine hours of sleep, and kids need 10-hours of restful bliss. 

A regular theory here suggests that people work longer hours, sometimes in two jobs, or work six or seven days weekly to make ends meet in our expensive state, all of which adds to restlessness and the inability to catch enough Z's nightly. An added problem locally is our propensity toward obesity, which affects sleep via apnea and/or snoring.  Tips to help you overcome your lack of slumber and resulting tired state include exercising more often, avoiding all electronic devices (including tablets and cell phones) while in bed, getting into a pattern of when you go to sleep every day, limiting alcohol intake, restricting eating near bedtime,  making the room darker, and memorizing political speeches and promises (just kidding).

The top five sleeping states? Three are in the northwest- Idaho (at #1), Montana, and Oregon, while Vermont and New Hampshire residents also sleep relatively well. Driving while tired and irritable personality syndrome are by-products of lack of sleep, not to mention other health hazards, so please don't take this issue lying down. Or maybe you should… think about it…

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