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Think About It: Ethical Decision

Despite what you may think, the term "good government" is not an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp, pretty ugly, or original copy. An example of government calling itself out and rectifying a mistake came through loud and clear a couple of weeks back when the Honolulu Ethics Commission rescinded an earlier policy to effectively muzzle its executive director and ethics commissioners.

By admitting its mistake in putting the silly rule in place in the first place, the Ethics Commission had earned the deserved wrath of most people with belly buttons in this state. One commissioner was out of state at the original vote, and two others apparently mistook what was being voted on, and thus we now have placid waters whereby the ethics commissioner can freely speak his piece, when called for. As it should be- an entity that is beholden to the general population and which is entrusted to ensure that people in office and in government in general act ethically should be able to come forward to explain opinions without restraint. At the same time, it is not unreasonable to expect the face of that entity should attempt to keep his board apprised in advance of making major public statements, which will be made with the people's interests at heart, one has to hope.

If such leaders put their feet in their mouths, then they should be held accountable for actions and words, just like any other leader whose job partly entails representing a company, public or private. So a wrong has been righted, and an ethical decision on ethics by the Ethics Commission has effectively cleaned up an earlier oversight or blunder. Kudos to the Ethics Commission for this mea culpa. If only more entities and elected or appointed individuals thought about what was best for the common folk first, or at least more often than we normally see as egos, power, control, and re-elections too often get in the way. Ah, we can dream, can't we? Think about it…

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