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August 31, 2015

Think About It: Owning Up

As our top tourist destination became known briefly as Wai-shishi, an advisory came out that said if the water is brown, please stay out. Good advice. But I must give officials some credit for at least owning up to the errors that led to the raw sewage spill in the first place. A contractor left the system offline, which led to an overflow and spillage and that brown water thing. Too often, entities simply gloss over things or look for scapegoats. Too often we hear about "system error", when reality is that people screwed up, since they built or run "the system".

So it was also nice to see Matson take the blame on the molasses spill a while back and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser do an immediate mea culpa when it's Sunday and weekday issues last week did not print completely due to weather issues and printing press problems on Oahu. The paper offered an immediate credit to subscribers. On the other hand, we had a state official last week on the radio following a call in I did about the unrelenting heat in classrooms who actually questioned where the gauge was held when a Kalaheo High classroom reading said it was 108-degrees inside.

OK, you got us, the gauge was not in the proper place or was calibrated falsely, and it was really only 103-degrees. Good grief, and you wonder why people question government?! So here's to people taking the blame, working to fix things, and making sure mistakes don't repeat themselves. It's much more dignified and appropriate than watching blame-throwing, avoidance and people covering their assets. Think about it…

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