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September 3, 2015

Think About It: Rarefied (er, lack of)

Just like the humid days keep hammering us, so do the anecdotal stories about what's really going on in our public school classrooms as the heat simply won't dissipate, and won't be dealt with soon enough. Like the story of one youngster who recently had a simple explanation when her querying auntie asked why she wears long pants to school even though it's sweltering. The answer? So she doesn't have to expose her bare legs to the gross sweat left on the seat from the previous student who sat in her seat.

And then there's the email I received from Kathy, a substitute teacher on Oahu's windward side who sees the results of stagnant, hot air when she teaches. She has seen kids actually fall asleep and others have to leave her classroom due to feeling sick. Heat stroke perhaps? Even the teachers are wiped out- and then how effective can they be? Kathy wonders what kind of businesses in the outside world would ever allow this kind of unbearable situation to recur with no effort at mitigation or resolution. Sweat shops; those are the only ones I can think of…

Our kids are not in a position of power to protest. Or are they? Maybe with some parental or administration help, they could make their needs known so someone would act now on their behalf. What a lesson in civics and standing up for what's right. So I ask again- who's next? Teacher Kathy is calling her state representatives and local businesses to help. Who will help to heal your school and provide that very basic necessity- breathable air- into stifling classrooms now?? Why not you? Make the call. Really, don't just think about it…

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