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October 5, 2015

Think About It: Cleaning It Up

A warped prankster apparently decided to get his or her 15-minutes of fame last week by pouring detergent into a city fountain, causing the foamy fountain to overflow onto the road; not very funny. But wouldn't it be amazing if we could simply pour detergent and clean up some of the messes involving government which seem to crop up far too often locally?

The most obvious one these days and, sadly, for the past few years is the rail issue with delays, overruns, slowdowns, and new cost estimates coming out (it seems) monthly. But there are many others to add to the pile of things that just aren't working the way they are supposed to and thus require a cleanup of some sort. Like the state information technology system snafu that will apparently now require an expensive, outside private entity to review the debacle. Then there's the annual shortfall in UH athletics, under-funded, yet expected to miraculously make ends meet despite unique hindering circumstances that make that a pipedream right now.

There are concerns about leadership and mission at the UH Cancer Center, questions about the severity of leaks at Red Hill's fuel storage plant, ethics issues with the City Council, Kaka`ako road repair responsibility frustrations, North Shore surf spot parking issues, and many other areas where can fairly say- can somebody be forthright about what's going on, put on big boy pants and clean this up? Covering one's butt and staying under the radar is not a solution to problems at the government level or anywhere else. It's not leadership or pro-active, and it's not working. Some fool got his jollies dumping detergent into a fountain; at best it reminds us metaphorically that there's a lot that really does need to be cleaned up around here. Think about it…


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