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S3E10: Onaga Chinatown Style and Opakapaka baked "au naturel"

Onaga Chinatown Style

(4 servings)




4  ea                Onaga fillet, 5 ounces

1  cup Basmati rice

1  bunch          Green onion (green parts only)

1  bunch          Cilantro (pick leaves only)

½ pound          Ginger 

1  cup              Grape seed oil ( ½ for frying, ½ for sizzling )

1  Tsp            Sesame oil

1  ea                Garlic clove

2  ea                Shitake mushroom ( thinly sliced )

1  ea                Maui onion ( thinly sliced )

½ cup Soy sauce (thickened with cornstarch to sauce consistency)




Steam the basmati rice.


Peel and cut the ginger to 1" length. Slice the ginger paper thin on mandolin and slice into very thin strands.


Cut green onion into 2" length and slice thin like ginger.


Heat grape seed oil for frying to 350 degrees and fry cilantro, green onion, ginger until crisp.


On a tray, place fish on onion and top with shitake. Steam fish for about 5 minutes until done.


Bring the grape seed oil, sesame & garlic clove to smoking hot and sizzle on fish.


Add soy sauce to make a sauce.


Place rice in the center of the plate. Place fish on rice and sauce fish atop and around. Garnish with fried green onion, ginger, and cilantro.


Opakapaka baked "au naturel"

(2 servings)




1 piece                  Opakapaka , whole, 1.5 pound, gutted, scale on.

¼ cup                    Extra virgin olive oil

1 piece                  Lemon, juice

½ tablesp             Cumin, seed, lightly toasted

                                Season, sea salt & pepper  to taste.




Do not remove the scales from the fish.  They are going to protect the fish from the heat of the oven, like a natural crust.


Brush some olive oil on the scale.


Bake for 18 minute at 375 degree oven.


Remove the scales & skin at once like a natural crust. Even perfectly cooked, you will notice that the fish stay very moist & juicy.  With a knife & a spatula, remove the 2 fillets from the bone.  If your fish is perfectly cooked it should be lightly pink on the spinal bone.  Be sure to remove all the bones from the fillets.


Season with a lemon juice-cumin-olive oil emulsion.

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