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S3E11: Compressed Melon Salad and Okinawan Soba Mazeman

Compressed Melon Salad

Yuzu Vinagrette:

Mix yuzu juice, peanut oil, mirin and white soy together in a bowl and set on side.

Galangal Simple Syrup:

Mix sugar into water until sugar is dissolved; then add chunks of galangal into mixture. Leave galangal big enough to remove from syrup later. Bring mixture to a boil then cool syrup down.  After liquid is cooled down set aside.

Clean the skin off watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Cut large slices of each fruit about 1/4" thick to later be sliced and diced into desired shapes. Place cut fruit into cryovac bags and add about 4oz vol. of the galangal simple syrup to each. Seal bag tightly with vacuum sealer and let sit under refrigeration for about an hour. Remove the fruits from the cryovac bags and cut into stick like shapes or dice. Toss the cut fruits with the yuzu vinaigrette made earlier.

Blanch off and char brussell sprouts with a torch. Oil salt and grill the hearts of palm and cut into thin slices. Begin plating by placing spicy aioli on top of the plate and carefully placing fruits on and around the aioli. Add the charred brussell sprouts, and grilled hearts of palm around to add more color and finish garnishing with shiso.


Okinawan Soba Mazeman

Sesame Mushroom Butter:

Sweat onions, ginger and garlic until onions become translucent; then add the shiitake and king alii mushruooms. Saute the mushrooms until they are slightly caremalized and then deglaze with white wine. Once deglazed add in the clam juice, mirin, chili water, konbu extract, sesame oil and salt. Bring sauce to a boil. Remove sauce from heat and add in the butter and mix until butter is mounded into the sauce. Remove ginger. Set sauce aside.

Season Salmon and grill. Once cooked break salmon into smaller chunks and set aside. Season and bake salmon skin for about 8-10 minutes and 350degrees. Once dried and crispy break into smaller pieces.  Boil Okinawan soba noodles for about 2-3 minutes or until cooked. And toss some of the sesame mushroom butter with noodles. Add thinly cut chives, black pepper and salt for seasoning. Top noodles off with grilled salmon and salmon skin. And garnish with ikura, thai basil, shiso, cilantro, ogo, and julienned red jalapenos.

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