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November 23, 2015

Think About It: Snake Ays!

So did you hear the one about the guy who was on his way to Costco but never made it because he found a six to eight foot snake in his driveway? Actually, that's not a joke, it happened last week on Old Pali Drive, and the homeowner wisely waited until police could arrive to figure out how to corral the serpent into a trash can for delivery back to the state capital… just kidding.

But eh, no joke, what is it with people who feel the need to smuggle in unwanted, unneeded and malevolent species? Spiders, snakes, Jackson's chameleon, non-native aquarium fish, the list goes on and on of entities we don't want and don't need here. Add that to the invasive fire ants, coqui frogs, diurnal mongooses that never did work things out with the nocturnal rats here, and you can see it's just a big mess waiting to happen.

And can it happen here? Well, just ask the folks on Guam how the birds are doing… what birds? The brown tree snakes disrupted that population. Fines and penalties need to be stiff and those delirious daredevils who think bringing contraband animals here is cool and profitable need to be caught and perhaps spend a quiet night in a cell with a hungry boa or a dangerous spider. Inspectors say many of the culprits are locals who can easily find the items they want online or on the mainland, and then smuggle them in. May they be snake bit! Think about it…

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