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December 4, 2015

Think About It: A Few Thoughts

A few things to ponder as we enter the first weekend of the month long holiday hammock season between Thanksgiving and Christmas…

How come it seems to take about 12-seconds to get approval to construct and quickly build all kinds of monoliths in Kaka`ako, but we can't seem to figure out what to do with the Waikiki Natatorium or the Haiku Stairway to Heaven entities after more than 20-years of pondering and pandering?

How come we hear about potholes being repaired at a record pace, but after a summer and fall filled with  humidity and rainfall, it seems like once again we have mini-craters on our major thoroughfares just about everywhere? Nimitz Highway, Dillingham Boulevard, Kapiolani Boulevard, pick a spot you travel on and tell me if it looks and feels better today than it did six months ago… I think not. Are you shocked? Are your car shocks shocked is the better question.

If a cell phone fell in the forest and no one heard it, would anyone care? Seriously, can people possibly put these tech appendages away on hikes and at movie theatres before the lights go out, and possibly refrain from taping the full 90-minutes of that groovy concert? Believe it or not, we also paid for a ticket and it didn't include your left arm in the way all night. It is so tiring watching people obstruct others views as they take bad video and worse audio to supposedly share with the free world that they were actually there. You know what, carry the ticket stub to show your friends and tell them about the show; you'll still be cool, exceptional, privileged or whatever you need. Aloha, baby. Think about it…

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