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February 19, 2016

Think About It: Superferry & TMT

How ironic that within a week of stirrings about possibly bringing back the Superferry to Hawaii, the head honchos of yet another controversial project, the Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea, suggested that the group might start looking elsewhere soon if the state can't get things worked out in the next couple of years. Oh how things might have gone so differently on both of these inspiring projects if the powers that be had truly done their homework in advance of the legal, social, and emotional issues which now plague the TMT and proved fatal to the initial foray of the Superferry in our local waters.

I grant you it is not always easy to foresee every obstacle in the way of a project or concept, but that's what people in charge are supposed to do- be proactive to make sure that when projects seem to be ready to roll, that all kinds of questions have been answered. And rest assured, if nothing is done or formalized in a relatively short amount of time, Hawaii will lose the astronomical opportunity that seems so promising to so many, yet so unfair to others who deserve a seat at a table of discussion and decision-making. The people need to be heard, and the heard people also need to listen.

As for the Superferry, keep in mind that it wasn't just a bunch of surfers jumping in the waters off Kauai and shoddy government planning (or lack thereof) that sent the project out to sea. There were also concerns and stories about rough waters in turbulent seasons and the nausea factor plus the day to day costs vs. occupancy rates. Here's to decision-making with leadership on all of the big ideas and projects- done rationally, legally, inclusively, decisively, and quickly. Think about it…

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