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February 25, 2016

Think About It: Speed Needs

There is a bill being floated that would fine people who drive too slowly in the left lane on roads with two lanes going in the same direction. This bill, thankfully, would not apply to highways. Does this really make sense? I mean, say you're going 40 on a road with a 35 mile per hour speed limit. You're already breaking the law. And now you could get ticketed if you don't pull into the right lane so that Buzz lightyear can zip past you at 50 miles per hour?

And this is meant to improve safety? It might defuse some road rage from those who've had too much coffee or energy drinks or have a testosterone imbalance issue, but should people abiding by posted speed limits really yield to NASCAR wanna-bes on our side streets? Now I grant you, far too often people travel well below the speed limit and hold up the rest of us who just have to be movin' on. But the implications for speed racers to be given a relatively free pass, you have to wonder if this is a bill that needs to be strengthened, and that's not even dealing with the enforcement concerns. The normal speed of traffic often exceed speed limits, so maybe the signs need to be adjusted to reflect reality in non-residential or school areas. Like around H-3 and Aloha Stadium and 57 other locations we all know of. But this law impacts drivers, not questionable signs.

The term used is "vehicular lollygagging", and I personally think Lolly would gag over the concept of mandating that drivers move and allow scofflaws to flash by. So, yes, we need slow pokes to stay in the right lane, but to require people to move who drive at the speed limit but below the (quote) "normal rate of speed" (unquote) could set up left lanes that resemble the Daytona 500, even if speeding is still heavily frowned upon. Honking is pretty much forbidden locally, and tailgating raises angst and blood pressure, so maybe this bill's publicity will at least remind the overly cautious drivers on our streets to put the foot down a bit heavier when called for, or at least move over. Think about it… 

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