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March 14, 2016

Think About It: Bill Awareness

It's mid-March- do you know where your favorite legislative bills stand? The Hawaii legislature is doing due diligence on thousands of proposed measure that will invariably affect you.  445 bills passed through the House and Senate less than a week ago, so… do you know what's going on? I would ask if you really care, but I've seen enough "Ainokea" bumper stickers to know the answer to that one for far too many citizens.

You don't think the voters voices matter? Take a look at the all-star circus we have going on in the presidential campaigns. Not one so-called expert predicted the strength of Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders campaigns when they all weighed in even six months ago on what to expect. The whole thing is so bizarre on both sides of the spectrum that some are suggesting a wall will be built between the U.S. and Canada- to keep Americans from getting into Canada if a perceived untenable candidate wins!

But back to local lunacy. If you take just five-minutes to go online and see what bills are moving where, you might want to comment, call your local legislator, or even go down to the state capital to watch the testifying. Sometimes, it's fascinating and revealing. Sadly, sometimes it's simply about power and control, egos run amok. But you can make a difference. It's the system we've got, it's not going away, and you will be impacted. So don't ignore that which you'll probably squawk about in two months when you ask, "…how did that one get passed?"  Think about it…

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