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March 17, 2016

Think About It: Irish Ayes Are Smiling

Aside from the whole wearing green and the drinking beer thing, how well do you know Saint Patrick? Well did you know that he was not Irish, but was actually a Roman Britain named Maewyn, born about 350 A.D., who was enslaved and taken to become a shepherd in Ireland, from whence he escaped, eventually to become a priest who then went back to Ireland and spent years converting the Pagan Irish to Christianity? He later became a bishop and was named Ireland's patron saint after his death.

While there had been the conversion to Christianity in Ireland, Patrick was the lead person who really helped end Druid ceremonies, Pagan rituals and drove off the Celts, which became the so-called "driving of the snakes" out of Ireland. Actually, there were no real snakes in Ireland. The three-leaf shamrock- that was Patrick's explanation of the holy Trinity. So now you know a bit more about the man behind this festive day. Eight times more Irish people now live in the U.S. than in Ireland, and St. Patrick's Day was actually a  religious, dry holiday- no alcohol permitted- on the Emerald Isle until 1970.

Living in Hawaii, how much do you really know about Hawaiian history? Actually, how much do you care? You might suggest that it's not imperative to know about the culture of the people and the land you reside in, but it just might make you more interesting, interested, and a bit more empathetic and aware of your surroundings. No, ignorance is not bliss, and even some casual knowledge can go a long way toward easing tension, stereotypes, myths, and understanding. "Slainte" (SLAWN-chah). That's "cheers" in Irish. Aloha. Think about it…

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