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April 18, 2016

Think About It: Wafting Along

Just when you might have thought you'd heard or seen everything from legislators comes word that the Hawaii state House last week approved a bill having to do with geothermal power, a hotly contested issue. One way to avoid controversy, apparently, is to move the measure forward with no content. Yes, that's right, it's an empty bill that will now be vetted and argued about in committee. Of course, in committee, the public gets no say, so this ghost measure is now wafting along in the inner sanctums of our state capitol. Can't wait to see the final wording, but it might never get there if the two sides on the issue can't agree. Whatever.

And speaking of wafting along, the state Department of Health missed the previously announced deadline last Friday to anoint the medical dispensary winners as it continues to analyze applicant records and do check criminal backgrounds. So is it possible the folks working on the medical marijuana program bumped into the legislators working on moving through a vacuous geothermal bill and then it was suddenly "wow, man, let's pass an empty bill"… well, you figure it out...

Thus the marijuana business winners will have to wait a couple of weeks as delays involving fingerprinting applicants and getting details from aspiring merchants who are on vacation out of the country (hmmm..  wonder where could they be? Just kidding) preclude the decision deadline being met. A delay in the decision as to who should sell will invariably lead to delays in getting the legal operations going. Empty bills? A pause on pot? It all might lead you to the age old question: "why do you think they call it dope"? I assume that still means the drugs… Think about it…

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