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June 2, 2016

Think About It: Reflecting on the “Good Old Days”

Change is good, as long as it's good change. I hear peoplelament frequently about how things here and elsewhere have changed, how it'snot the "good old days" any more. Well, that's a relative term, for the goodold days in this nation used to mean women stayed home and didn't vote, blackswere slaves, religious persecution was the norm, and due to health conditionsand lack thereof, many people died before they were 50-years old.

Locally, the good old days to some surely meant fewer crowds,traffic, hustle and bustle, stress, daily costs, and it meant we saw fewervisitors moving in. But it also meant things like horrible working conditionsin the fields, inability of minorities to climb the ruling ranks, and vitalgoods and services simply didn't make it to our shores or arrived slowly. So asyou ponder what the good old days really means to you, also keep in mind thethings you, or others, would have to give up, in an imperfect world, in orderto have that so-called peace of mind from 30 or 50 or 150 years back.

Yes, hanabata days and nostalgia are often warm and fuzzy-for some. And people here have gotten along and do get along in general farbetter than in most other places in the land of the free and the home of thebrave. But trying to figure out the best way to move things forward foreveryone while adhering to some sense of social code- that's the order of theday. That's what our elected officials and leaders need to focus on, both hereand in our decaying, vitriolic, cracking nation's capital. Think about it…

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