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June 6, 2016

Think About It: Slurry Seal Solution

Finally… the city of Honolulu has finally made the move to better protect and preserve up to 43 miles of Pearl City roadways that will be re-surfaced with a process that basically seals water out of the cracks. That's what often causes our local roads to crumble far too quickly- water seepage. Maintaining and waterproofing by putting the asphalt back onto the surface with a seal coat or slurry seal should do the trick.

Water is the enemy of asphalt, so the question is- why did we wait so long? We could have started using a better protective surface coating on our lower trafficked roads decades ago, as that's where this product works best. After all, the slurry seal that will now be used by the City of Honolulu has been used at local airports for at least 20-years. The military here has been using a seal coat for over two decades. That's right, right in our own backyard- we had the answer. And 20-years of proof.

We didn't even have to look to the mainland or elsewhere for better solutions as repaved side streets seem to come apart in short order far too often locally. Apparently, over the last quarter century, no one in public road officialdom thought a better solution existed, when it did exist right here. Filling cracks and sealing roads to keep out the dreaded enemy, water, is the #1 key. No infiltration by H²0 equals no major potholes, seams, asphalt displacement, etc., on a near-term basis as we have seen ad nauseum locally. It took far too long, but better late than never. Your car axle will thank you for this slurry solution. Think about it…

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