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August 1, 2016

Think About It: Darby Did Damage

Sunday, July 24 was a complete washout, and the ramifications were felt even after that on Oahu. As Maui and the Big Island also saw, Tropical Storm Darby wasn't a hurricane, didn't cause massive amounts of damage or destruction, but it still packed enough of a wallop to remind us just how vulnerable we are sitting out here in the middle of the Pacific.

I heard some people almost lamenting on Saturday how it seemed like the build-up to this one was a lot of hot air; perhaps we are getting lulled into non-action by the near-misses. Well, Darby was a lot of air- some of it  upwards of 40 MPH, and if nothing else, it served to remind us all that the day and time may not be certain, but the idea that a really big storm could impact us big time is statistically more a matter of "when" than "if". Darby's winds downed trees and power lines. The storm also dashed a ship on rocks off the Big Island and caused flooding which prompted closure of Oahu's major town freeway.

This is not alarmist, it is not meant to make you hoard water, ramen, batteries, and toilet paper today, but any time we get into the summer and autumn months, it pays dividends to pay attention. This is not the boy who cried "wolf" over and over again. We are vulnerable; make no mistake about it. Storm after storm thus far in 2016. Forewarnings and detailed weather maps with realistic predictions should make you not only sit up and take notice, but also take action in advance. Think about it…

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