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August 4, 2016

Think About It: A Piece About Peace

There are more websites and more information out there then there has ever been in the history of mankind. And that's just the sort of statement you'd expect to find on the web… But I did find it fascinating to read the 2015 Global peace Index, which is pieced together by a worldwide non-profit group of experts from think tanks and peace institutes worldwide. 22 criteria go into the assessment. So where do you think the United States of America ranks on this list, which ranks based on three basic themes: the level of safety and security in society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and the degree of militarization, without making judgments on these items? Where do you think we rank among all countries when adding in all the factors used?

Violence and crime within a country count, as does military expenditure and relations with neighboring countries. Iceland ranks 31, with Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Portugal among the top five most peaceful countries in the world. Poland is #22, Croatia is #26, Qatar came in at #34 and Vietnam is #59. Tunisia is #64… well, you get the idea. And the U.S. of A?  We currently rank at #103, down from #82 five years ago, and wedged just below Uganda and Guinea, but just ahead of Cambodia and Brazil.

Startling- perhaps? Who cares- perhaps? But when you start reading the names of the countries that are considered to be more peaceful than us, you also realize how many countries stay out of harm's way externally; on purpose. And that's never been our role in the world at large; for a huge number of reasons. It appears that keeping our own people safe now and tomorrow requires more effort than most other countries need or wish to make. But the listing also reflects a country's internal crime and violence. And that surely and sadly needs our attention regularly- locally and nationwide. Think about it…

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