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Think About It: Time to Find 'Em

We are about six weeks away from our bi-annual election day.As you are hopefully finding out more and more about candidates locally andnationally and as you do a little research to help you decide who to vote for,hopefully you're looking beneath the surface of the generic promises, vacuouspontification, and puffy platitudes. Some of you plan to vote early by mail orat an approved site, so you really should search out information now to findout what everyone has done in their careers thus far, not just what they saythey plan to do. They all know what to say…

In some form, all of the candidates tell you that they planto help our keiki, kupuna, schools, roads, agriculture, small businesses, andthe planet. They all want to see rail come in at a lower cost, don't want toraise your taxes, and want us to become more independent of relying on outsideproducts for which we pay higher costs. So the real questions to be asking arenot "what do you plan to do", but "how do you plan to do it", whatever "it" is?

The time has come to anoint leaders, not just managers, notjust career politicians who skate by due to weak or no opposition every twoyears. Now is the time to hold candidates accountable and demand that theycreate solutions through compromise if need be and perhaps even some risk- liketo their political future- in the quest to do the right thing for the people.That should their job requirement. Now is the time to find at least a fewelectable officials who can, and will, make a difference for us. Are they outthere? Can you help force the issue? The clock is ticking as November 8thapproaches. Think about it…

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