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October 17, 2016

Think About It: Mongoose On the Loose

A wayward Oahu mongoose managed to catch a flight to Kauai last week, though it was captured soon after arrival. Mongooses, natives of India, were introduced here on a few islands over 130 years ago to control rats in our sugar fields. Ah, but rats are nocturnal and mongooses are diurnal, or daytime critters, so it never actually worked out as intended. With no natural predators here, it's a wonder that the wide-eyed buggers haven't found their way to Kauai in droves yet, but my guess is that this lone marauder probably was so taken aback at how bad the HNL airport is, it decided to take a chance to get away from it all. Have you seen the airport lately?

Yellow tape everywhere, escalators not working, lack of air flow in many areas, poorly marked, if any, signage in construction areas, a parking lot with no individual stall markings, making it tough to remember where you parked after a week or so away, bathrooms in disrepair…  the list goes on and on. Mongooses are no laughing matter, as Lanai and Kauai are the only local islands where this impish predator has not impacted the local bird and turtle populations. And since the rats simply refuse to play during the day, it looks like the mongoose will continue to have free reign against any natural predators here.

This little fellow was euthanized upon capture, as is the usual protocol, but you have to wonder how many of his or her fellow Rikki-Tikki-Tavis will dare to try and escape through the depressing HNL airport. Maybe they'll simply wait for a ferry to re-appear, but at the rate the airport here is being repaired and upgraded, odds are this won't the last varmint to leave town after seeing the third world conditions at HNL Airport. And this is the first and last place locals and visitors alike see upon arriving in and leaving paradise. Rats! Think about it…

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