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November 17, 2016

Think About It: Decisions, Decisions

Dear newly elected Hawaii officials and those of you who have been re-elected, here's a seemingly simple request on some not so simple issues. Let's make 2017 the year of resolution. Let's resolve to get certain things off the table and into the decided upon file, perhaps even into the action begun file. The list of things locally that get brought up, flipped like a fish in a frying pan throughout the short legislative session, and then get tabled or ignored is far too long to mention.

Some of these are City Council issues, while others are items at the legislature. But let's really try to get things done, even if there is some concern about political ramifications. I realize that making a decision you feel is in the best interests of the people might cost you with a certain constituent base, and I realize that you are in job where part of your job is to retain your job every two or four years, but how about definitive action on the Stairway to Heaven stairs? How about a final solution for the long-neglected Waikiki Natatorium Memorial?

How about just admitting that we might see the added taxes to help pay for the rail for the next 25-years, instead of throwing out semi-annual estimates that you probably won't be around to see or deal with? How about resolving some other hot topics that always rise to the surface and then become the annual "hey, whatever happened with?- fill-in-the-blank" questions we tend to ask come summertime. How about being fully accountable, accepting responsibility, and leading us like you promised in your campaign pamphlets, speeches, and ads? Think about it…

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