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March 9, 2017

Think About It: Un-loha

I've heard whispers, hints, and allegations over the years, but I really didn't perceive it deeply. Now I'm beginning to wonder. Is some of the magic of "aloha" disappearing here? I see it in traffic, where everyone would wave out the window or with their right hand when you let them into your lane. Now, not so much. In AM or PM traffic, everyone's in a rush and trying to wedge into the lane or make the last second move into the right lane to get off as opposed to properly planning 15-seconds earlier; like it's their divine right to move right. And the net gain in this calculated or clueless move- nada, zip, nothing, less than five seconds. And not even a friendly "mahalo" wave or a shaka? Lighten up, Jimmy Johnson, you'll get there.

Even The Bus system has taken the concept of thanks away from humans, as now we see an electronic shaka sign often appear atop the right rear of the bus when you let a bus driver in. I guess the left hand needs to remain on the wheel these days. And that moron, whoops, not I sound like them… who cut me off to zip by usually ends up waiting at the same red light that I do. I consider that a small victory for humanity. Impatience is one thing; I'm quite familiar with that. But rudeness and lack of aloha- that's beneath us, isn't it?

You see it in parking lots when you let people in ahead of you. No wave, just a subtle sense of entitlement. You see it at retailers when Christmas shopping. "Merry Christmas", but I'll remove an appendage of yours if you grab that last Shimmer & Shine Doll that my daughter has to have. Happy holidays, indeed. We need to keep perspective, even when the walls seems to be closing in. Chill, everybody. Let rudeness rule in Washington, D.C., New York City, or Chicago. We're better than that here, aren't we? Well, except for the people who need a "Defend Hawaii" sticker on their car juxtaposed with a "Live Aloha" one! Think about it…

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