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May 1, 2017

Think About It: Stairway Stagnation

A decision has finally been reached on what to do about theprovocative, alluring, yet illegal Haiku so-called "Stairway to Heaven". Thedecision is, once again, to not reach a decision. But we will have anenvironmental impact study done, which should take yet another year, or so.After visits from Honolulu city council members and years of discussion, theHonolulu Board of Water Supply says that it is pau being responsible for thisrickety entity and it's ready to tear it down. Though the stairs have been officially closed for 30-years, the City alreadypaid $1-million for repair work in 2005, almost inviting more trespassingoffenders to visit.

The Board of Water Supply rightfully reasons that itsmission is to meet the water needs and demands of its customers. Fair enough. Intrepid,or misguided, souls now trespass on the stairs on a regular basis, as has beenpointed out here ad nauseum over the years, with little fear of fines, jailtime or repercussions. Just get up there in the pitch black early AM, andyou're likely to be just fine- unless you fall and kill yourself, of course.

Neighbors are fed up with rude and sometimes violenttrespassers, public comments are being sought for the third decade in a row,and admirers of the climb in the Koolau range continue to look for ways to makeit all work. Perhaps limited access will be the answer. But who knows? No onewants to decide on or take ultimate responsibility. It's been that way foryears. So the scofflaws continue to walk, politcos continue to talk and avoid,we'll get yet another assessment done, and then we can reconvene in a year towatch rampant disagreement once again on a situation that needs resolution, notstatic banter, and no matter what- will leave somebodies unhappy, which is theway it goes everywhere in heated, civic discussions as elected or appointedsouls rarely tread to render an absolute, final decision. Stalemate to Heaven ismore like it. Think about it…

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