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May 11, 2017

Think About It: A Storied Finish

Last week's frantic close to the legislature was fraughtwith conjecture, accusations, concerns, and downright disappointment. And justimagine what things would be like if we actually had a real two-party system locallyfor checks and balance?! In the end, the legislature bounced certain ranking leaders,apparently unhappy with the rail vote, power trips, and whatever else goes on behindclosed doors. No one was injured in the reshuffling, aside from a few bruisedegos and some wounded pride.

Then the governor declined to call for a special session toextend the legislative session, suggesting that there is no need to call for aspecial session if the House and Senate cannot agree on how to resolve the railfunding issue. Of course, that's exactly why four county mayors and othersasked him to call for a special session… because there was no agreement.  Perhaps legislators should be locked in a debateroom each May while the temperature goes up one degree every hour until bigdecisions are made. After all, I'm pretty sure that's why we elect these folks-to make decisions. A claustrophobic room might allow for decisions on difficultitems. As of today we have no decision on a taxing issue with rail, just therancorous end of another semi-laborious annual session with some chairsre-arranged, feelings hurt, and vendettas to come.

There was also conjecture that a Hilo laboratory was denieddirect state funding to study the rat lungworm issue to get back at some of theon-going power plays within the state Senate. It's always so nice to see ourelected adults working so well together openly and in our best interests,resolving squabbles and forging ahead in a professional manner, yes? For moreinformation on our legislature, read the instructive tale of "Alice InWonderland". Off with their heads, indeed. Oh, and then there's the railpayment issue which might not be resolved until 2018, with a bigger price topay on many levels. Think about it…

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