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May 15, 2017

Think About It: Repeating Roles

While it's not good to see so many people fairly upset withthe lack of progress made on a number of local issues at the recently completedlegislative session, it is good to know that folks are engaged, or at leastinterested on decisions made and not made. After all, these delicate and oftendifficult decisions that are the responsibility of our elected officials willimpact you, one way or another.

One suggestion made annually when some folks don't like thedecisions made, or the relative inaction on major issues, is the call to throwthe bums out. Yet we re-elect over 90% of our elected officials locally andnationally year after year. Yes, over 90%. So if we don't care for the way theinstitution is operating, why do we bring back the same-old, same-old and thenwonder why things don't improve or change to our liking?

Well, part of it is that we often blame the otherrepresentatives, but not our specific rep. Or the opposition is extremely weak,in our minds. Or the loudest people sometimes end up not even voting. Hard tochange the playing field when you don't even bother to show up, yeh? Anotherquestion annually is- who really wants to run? In this odd year, and I meancalendar year 2017, not the odd nature of the weak session laid to rest, no oneis immediately afraid of losing his or her job. But next year- election yearfor some locally and nationally? Actually, there's still not much fear oflosing one's job, based on historical standards. And that's our system. Thinkabout it…

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