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June 5, 2017

Think About It: Owl Wisdom

The state has begun a project meant to find out all kinds ofthings about the pueo, or Hawaiian owl. We don't know how many pueo there arein these islands, we don't know much about their lifestyle, and we don't evenreally know where they live. One of the difficulties in researching this animalis that it can sometimes sit around all day and literally do nothing, much likeour state legislators this past session… just kidding.

But actually, if owls are truly supposed to be wise, perhapsbecause of their big eyes and ability to catch things at night that we simplycan't see, then perhaps we should interview a few of these fine creatures during the  study, and ask them what they think about theway things are headed for our state. The pueo is a rare species, and some wouldsay financial solvency and certainty for the future of our keiki is going to beendangered if solutions aren't figured out here for the high cost of living andhousing, the availability of so-called affordable housing, jobs to keep ourkids home, and quality products found within our state to help support localmerchants, farmers, and suppliers.

And where will the leadership come from, oh wise owl? Surelyyou have seen some quality leadership in business and government here over theyears, so perhaps you can advise on how to evolve a more dynamic and inclusivepolitical process where voices are heard and quality candidates challenge oneanother with greater regularity to provide the best solutions for our state. Ofcourse, a befuddled pueo might take all of this in, and sound a lot like therest of us, asking "who? hoo?". Think about it…

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