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June 19, 2017

Think About It: School Principles

A lot of bold words have come out lately from both thestate's new schools superintendent and the interim schools superintendent.Temporary DOE boss, Keith Hayashi, stated in a recent newspaper editorial thatthe DOE's new Strive HI system, which ostensibly replaces school ratings andrankings, will be a much better method of looking at an individual school'sperformance from top to bottom, year after year.

Well, we'll see. Hard to imagine that no competitivepressure from rankings and some standard assessments will help push thingsalong as needed and encourage absolute accountability. Will the transparency hementioned be true transparency, and not a bureaucratic transparency where underperformingofficials, programs, or teachers are protected? If real improvements are notseen where needed and called for, then changes must be made with people, notjust by moving chairs, programs, or priorities around. Parents need to demandthis. At the same time, incoming superintendent Christina Kishimoto, has set aneye-opening goal of making Hawaii the "No.1 state in terms of educationalquality". That's quite an audacious and aspirational goal based on where thingsstand today and based on some of the nuances that seem to hamstring effortshere.

Complacency on many levels, English as a second language,poverty, parental indifference- lots of major factors that will have to bedealt with for that #1-in-the-country-goal to be met. Heck, many would bethrilled with a top 10 position within five years. Between a new Strive HI planand a major vision for revolutionary efforts to make Hawaii's public educationsecond to none, there is plenty of work ahead for all. But just think how greatthis would be if it all works out due to coordinated efforts. We all would win.Think about it…

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